At fivefortyseven Carpentry Studio, we see the value in good craft. It is our opinion that every project presents unique opportunities to explore creative details. From saunas, decks, and landscape features, to interior finishes and custom work, our experience shows through our results. 

We work with individual clients, contractors, and designers, to help realize carpentry solutions for a wide range of projects. When details matter, we can help. 


Landscape + Small structures

Creating and enhancing outdoor spaces is one of our specialties. Small structures such as sheds, saunas, and pool houses, are projects of particular interest for us. The detail possibilities provide a fun challenge to create functional and comfortable spaces. With equal attention, we know that other projects from decks and pergolas can also be just as transformative for day-to-day life. 

Interior installs, finishes, millwork, etc.

When it comes to the final finishes in renovations we have the patience to ensure the final pieces fit precisely. Our experience ranges from kitchen layout and install, customizing cabinets, built-ins, trim and millwork installation, and so on. With a willingness to collaborate and an appreciation for details, we help make the final touches stand out for the right reasons. 

Workflow + Process

We believe good craft starts with good planning. All of our projects are digitally rendered to various degrees depending on scale and necessity.  The efficiency of computer modelling coupled with our hands-on experience allows us to anticipate problems and adapt our carpentry solutions early into a project. This allows more time to be spent on our craft, and less time trying to solve oversights.



Fivefortyseven Carpentry Studio was founded by Andrew Sieradzki as a way to explore design solutions with attention to detail. Drawing upon 15 years of experience in carpentry and related fields, Andrew focused his work towards projects that value craft. Fivefortyseven represents years of dedication to carpentry and a commitment to always improve.


In September 2006, Andrew moved to Ottawa to attend Architectural Studies at Carleton University. Here he developed an appreciation for materiality and design. Understanding how a project grows from concept to completion provided valuable insight into the design process. Although Andrew ultimately pursued and obtained his Certificate of Qualification (Red Seal) in carpentry, his time at Carleton University left an indelible impression on how we experience the built world.


With a background in landscape carpentry and renovations, Andrew's work has spanned from concrete forming to crown moulding.  As the company continues to grow, the expectation is to provide services from furniture and cabinetry design to fully-conceptualized small builds.

547 is the exchange code of the small Northwestern Ontario town, Keewatin, where Andrew was raised. The company name is a reflection of where his carpentry experience started.



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