custom sauna design and build

This custom designed sauna was built in collaboration with a landscape contractor. With a set footprint, fivefortyseven designed the layout and structure, as well as framed and finished the entire project. The resulting sauna fits into the yard among a previously designed shed structure and plays off of specific design features already present in the yard.

This project features several elements which were carefully crafted to optimize space and aesthetics. The exterior door was custom built with an out-swing design to maintain interior space in the vestibule and contains an insulated core to help keep the heat in. The sauna itself is clad with clear western red cedar for unmatched appearances and comfort. The bench design can accommodate multiple persons and is both wide and long enough to allow one to lay down comfortably for maximum relaxation. 

We believe this work is a true representation of our craft and sensibilities. Projects like this keep us inspired. We strive to bring the same attention to detail on every project we encounter.